M A Kalam | Chairman & CEO | LCBS Dhaka

Nov 6, 2021

Incorporated in 2007 in Ireland, LCBS Professional Tuition Ltd. traded as Limerick College of Business Studies Ireland established itself as a leading institute in Ireland, and in 2010 established an identical but separate entity called LCBS Dhaka in Bangladesh, catering for all levels of finance both in practices and in industry. Currently, LCBS Dhaka is financed by SEAF that manages the ventures fund of IFC, the World Bank Group, in Bangladesh.

I am delighted that you are considering or have chosen LCBS Dhaka as the place where you want to be engaged in learning and in developing your career. If you are pursuing a professional qualification or a career advancement program or a course to enhance your skills in the work place meeting your desired employer’s expectations or becoming a successful business entrepreneur, LCBS Dhaka is the place for you.

We take pride in ensuring you are given the best quality supports and advice that will benefit your career and help you towards your professional goals. All of our globally recognized programs are designed to develop a range of relevant skills and knowledge that will enable you to enjoy a prosperous career and the financial rewards that come with it anywhere in the world.

I can guarantee that career driven students, Corporate Training Participants and University Graduates will both prosper and progress under the LCBS Dhaka Academic, Training & Consultancy, Exam & Assessment and Talent Management department. Our mission is to ensure that students, Training participants and Potential clients are able to apply a holistic, integrated approach to business problems, apply the communication, leadership, team and technological skills needed to succeed in their business careers, to understand how to work with people from other cultures and to operate effectively in other countries, and to understand the social responsibilities of individuals and organizations, and to evaluate the ethical dimensions of decisions in a business context.

I invite you to browse our Globally Recognized Hons, Masters, Chartered Courses, Corporate Training Courses, Talent Management Courses, IT Courses, Job placement opportunities and choose the one which is right for you. On Behalf of LCBS Dhaka we welcome you to assist with your professional goals and personal aspirations. This is a shared responsibility and we look forward to the journey together. Thank you.


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